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Sunday, 11 April 2010

[Fanaccount] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~ Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~ Saitama Super Arena 10.04.2010 Part 3

Here with have another review from SunshineSlayer of AHS. It's short but yet it's still interesting to read :)


Ok, here is my review. I won't go into huge details since others have already done so.

-She didn't have a bad outfit - I liked everything; nothing that made me go 'wtf'

-The Introduction was super looong. I looked at my watch and the show started at 6:45 but Ayu didn't come onstage until 7:00.

-I was so glad she performed alterna - from that moment on, the concert could do no wrong for me.

-Was really surprised to Rainy Day and Memorial Address. Especially Memorial Address I didn't think I would ever hear live - so at that point in the concert I teared up a bit but I didn't feel anything for Ballad (since its basically like watching a soap opera or something^_^) even though it seems all the other girls did, haha.

-Ballad is my least favorite song on the album, but the performance at least kept me interested. A lot of over the top acting and Shuya spits out blue blood.

-There is some recycling; the performances of About You, Because of You, and Inspire are basically the same as the CDL. But I didn't see the CDL so I didn't mind. The split leg pants also make another appearance, but this time it really kind of fit with the Arabian theme of that section.

- There was hardly any Shuya and Ayu in this concert! Yay! Her dancers were still extremely prominant of course, but there was no one dancer that Ayu spends a ton of time with.

-Vocal wise I thought About You sounded about the same as the CDL and Because of You and Inspire were slightly better than CDL. Overall I thought her vocals ranged from alright to good most of the night - there was nothing that was really bad, but nothing that was really great either. Best of all though, there was nearly no lipsynching - even Sexy Little Things and Step You sounded at the very least half live which was surprising especially for Sexy Little Things! This was probably one of my least favorite Step You performances though because she doesn't really move at all for like half the song - just sitting in a cup.

-There was no major like set piece of the concert, but the overall show was very well put together. If you don't like clowns though you will probably hate this concert - they are all over the place. The show was like a more classy/freaky version of the A-Museum stage. The screen videos are probably the best she has had I think at least in terms of setting a mood.

Overall, I really thought this concert was her best since Miss Understood and overall enjoyment wise might be up there with My Story for me; but it didn't really have anything innovative like My Story did so I'm not sure if I'd rank this over My Story just yet.

Sorry for the not so detailed review, but my brain is still kind of turned off right now.

Credit: SunshineSlayer @ AHS
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