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Sunday, 11 April 2010

[Fanaccount] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~ Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~ Saitama Super Arena 11.04.2010 Part 4

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Here we go!


Yo! I'm back from a great day two of this tour.

This day was actually better then yesterday. (How the hell..?) The first and best thing of all today was when she nailed BoY. Yesterday she struggles some with the song and kept adjusting her left ear but today there where nothing like that. You guys know the very last word that she screams out and it ends in a multiply eco? Yesterday it was just a very short vibrato thingy but today, maaaan it was a really good tone there. I got goosebumps all over me, she really really nailed BoY today.

Diffrences from yesterday was that Ayu changed hairstyle for the Dlb, INSPIRE and BoY. Yesterday (like the pictures) she had her hair up but today she had the bang and long straight hair in a ponytail just like in evolution in AT09. Also, yesterday when Midori stabbed herself with the night it started to bleed on her dress, today there where no blood. But Shuya did a great job throwing up the blue posion all over the stage to make up for it so I didnt mind. Lol. Also, her vocals was much better this time. All songs improved expect from BALLAD. She actually did a better job on that one yesterday. A thing I enjoyed tonight what that in her long tones where she often uses her vibrato like crazy she didnt do it this time. Not eveytime. She actually kept a straight clean tone all the way though those long times. Coolio and thumbs up for that!

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What more? Well yes it was adoreble when Zin came in with the monkey around his arm, calling it his father. Ayu took it from Zin during the dance teaching and moved the monkey like he danced too. Then she spoke for the monkey like he was awesome while Zin wasn't...

It still amazes me how good this tour is. I mean, this one is extreeeemly good! I'm so happy to go again in Yokohama! I really can't get enough of this. And I still think BALLAD is my favourite part of the whole thing. Oh but I like THE introduction too. Its just sooo powerful with the music (you know how it goes) and they slowly rises the heavy red curtain... ooooh, it's so epic... I got great chills from that both times! Btw, I'm so in love with Jump! It's one of her best interludes ever imo! In that part the dancers kind of do this dance where they fight against each other. Looks really intence.

Well I shall stop now, it's gonna be way to long othervice. Lol. I will probably write more after the Yokohama concert(s).

Credit: MissElin_ @ AHS
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