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Sunday, 11 April 2010

[Fanaccount] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~ Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~ Saitama Super Arena 11.04.2010 Part 5

Another fanaccount posted by SKYia @ AHS

Check it out!>It's very interesting reading people's reviews of this tour!


I was more than positive about the concert, wanted to write a review, too tired though, all I can say is that it was awesome, the Ballad was incredible, I cried so hard when Midori was stabbing herself, Shuya drank the poison and Ayu was crying in Maro's arms. EPIC WIN. Also there was this video before BALLAD, Maro, Shuya, Ayu and Midori, all in white standing on some white background, and one second later the same scene but with Midori having a blood stain on her chest.

I loved Because of You, it was so powerful, like the most powerful song in the evening. I had very bad sits if you consider seeing Ayu, I though as if watching the movie in a cinema, but watching all the people cheering and waving was incredible too.

For some strange reasons I loved Count Down, it doesn't seem like an interesting ballad but for some reason remembered it well.

I cried during Memorial Address, I remember the performance from AT2003-2004 where her voice broke down so I was crious if similar thing will happen this time. I did not happen in the same moment, but when it finally did I burst in tears, love the lyrics so much.

Definitely BALLAD is an epic win of this tour.

I also loved the lights and videos.

Epic fail for Peco and Princess and Gomi singing sth (actually Gomi was just dancing with them), everyone in my row seemed to be like wtf. If you aren't Peco fan you'll suffer during this song soo much

Ayu forgot lyrics in Evolution (afair), and Zin made a mistake while teaching us the dance for Red Line, haha.

My friend asked me if I liked this tour so much because I was part of it... NO. It was really one of the best and well-thought tours. With no crazy stuff like ratated wheel or too much flying dancers but still well thought. Buying DVD, definitely, I just hope Ayu will maintain her today's voice till the last day.

The only strange thing about this concert was that it had ballad section before cute section and then somehow it felt like it ended too early.

Credit: SKYia @ AHS
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