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Friday, 9 April 2010

[News] New Album Release Celebration! Live Appearance On Yahoo! Music Program

According to Yahoo! Japan news, it seems that Ayu's going to make a live appearance through Yahoo! Music, Ustream program to celebrate Ayu's upcoming 11th Album "Rock 'n' Roll Circus".

The live broadcasting delivery service is using Ustream from Yahoo Japan, and it's linked with Twitter, you could check the audience real time.

With this Yahoo service you can ask some questions directly to Ayumi Hamasaki. The questions posted will not work for some program.

The delivery time for the questions is up on 14 April from 21:00 to 21:45. GyaO! Service Archive delivery will available from 15 April to 23 April.

and Ayumi Hamasaki special live interview will be released on 13th May.


will be opened on 13th April

It seems that we can chat or ask question to Ayu through Twitter?
I'm gonna look for the details soon.

More under the cut!

Hamasaki Ayumi: New Album Release Live Talk
Yahoo!JAPAN's first Live Ustream with Twitter

Yahoo!Music Live 「Hamasaki Ayumi Special Interview」 Address:
http://event.music.yahoo.co.jp/hamasaki/ (Accessible from the 13th)

Yahoo!Music Address:

Yahoo Inc's (known below as Yahoo!JAPAN) General Music Portal Site 「Yahoo!Music」, will be commemorating Hamasaki Ayumi's 11th Original Full Album 「Rock'n'Roll Circus」's release with an interview-styled talk programme streamed live on Ustream.
This is the first time Yahoo!JAPAN is using Ustream to broadcast a live programme, and will take place at the special designated area 「Yahoo!JAPAN×Ustream」. Twitter will also be taking part in this event, and audience's Tweets can be checked in real time as well.
From today on, Yahoo!Chiebukuro will once again be open to submission of questions for Hamasaki Ayumi. A few of the received questions will be posed to Hamasaki Ayumi during the programme.

【Hamasaki Ayumi Special Interview Streaming Details】
Date & Time: 14 April 2010 (Wed) 9:00pm-9:45pm (scheduled)
URL: http://event.music.yahoo.co.jp/hamasaki/ (Accessible from the 13th)
Streaming Requirements: JavaScript、Adobe Flash Player、broadband access like ADSL etc
Twitter Hash-tag: #ymu_ayu  (leave a space before the #)
iPhone: Download App Store's 「Ustream Viewing Application」 (Free)
Question Submission Time: 8 April (Thu) 12:00pm to 13 April (Tue) 6:00pm (scheduled)

【Archive Streaming Details】
Free Broadcast Site 「GyaO!」: 15 April (Thu) 2:00pm - 23 April (Fri) 11:59pm
Mobile 「Yahoo!Video (Beta Version)」: 17 April (Sat) 12:00pm - 23 April (Fri) 11:00pm

Original source: Yahoo! Japan news
Translated by chrismellody + Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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  1. Man! That's at 5 am on the US west coast. (T_T) Have to wait for the archives I guess...