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Saturday, 10 April 2010

[Fanaccount] Ayumi Hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~ Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~ Saitama Super Arena 10.04.2010 Part 1

Thought that I would like to share this review from a fan who went to the first day of the ARENA TOUR 2010~

and what's so awesome? the very last paragraph!
Namie Amuro, The Queen of Hip Pop was there tonight!


Got just back. I, like Misa, have no energy or what so ever to write a long review but I can do a shorty. Don't mind my english, I have noooo energy at all to look up spellings or grammar. I'm waaay too tired! Maybe you can survive anyhow.

First, like Misa said, the screens are amazing! They move around in the background making these really cool effects. They often used the screens as a live theatre. Like when Ayu or her dancers went into the screen (really backstage and change cothes, but it looked like they went into the screens instead). I also loved the round circle screen they had over the middle stage cuz sometimes they lowerd it down and such.

rainy day and BALLAD where soooooo amazing!!! The effects with the screens and the plot for the songs that made them float into one piece. Simply lovely. I think most of us cried... Seriously, if you don't cry in at least BALLAD then I donät know what.

I were'nt mad at ANY costume. They where all brilliant! Simplt brilliant. Both the custesy dress and the ballad dress where soooo nice. The cutesy bunny dress was cute, yet sexy and kind of edgy in a way. The ballad outfit with hairstyle was simplt gorgeous!!

I'm sooo glad that she didnt use her usual song pattern this time and actually put in the ballads in the beginning. Brilliant I must say. Smartest move ever. Maybe this is all I got for now. THere is soooo much to say about this consert really. It's really new and it rocks from the beginning til the end.

I really understand why Ayu said that this is her best consert so far. It's sooo amazing really! I'm happy to go back tomorrow already. Lucky, lucky lucky me.

(Btw, I was seated right next to the VIP section. I SAT ONLY TWO METERS FROM NAMIE AMURO!!! Total awesomeness!)

Credit: MissElin_ @ AHS
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