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Sunday, 11 April 2010

[Official] Rock 'n' Roll Blog Update 11.04.2010 [Updated With Pictures]

Rock 'n' Roll Blog Entry updated today!

Translation under the cut!

Finally, starting from today, Rock'n'Roll blog ☆★☆★
11 April, 2010. 2:40am

We will be following our troupe leader Hamasaki Ayumi from the staffs' point of views.
Also, views of the backstage, which has not usually been seen, as well as dancers' and band members' true faces, the introduction of tour staff and more news. That's what we aim to provide!!

To commemorate the first post, will of course be this person ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

100410231540.jpg (78 KB)

Oops! This is the non-made up face of the troupe leader, which is rarely seen. ♪ Kawaii, isn't she~
And the thing that she's holding in her hands is a daruma which is even bigger in size than the troupe leader's face!!
Actually, this daruma is made by the famous brand from Gunma Prefecture, "Takasaki Daruma". Made by Imai-san, it's the only original A-Daruma in the world ☆
It will ensure success and safety for this long long nationwide tour spanning 13 places and 34 shows, and will always be watching from the corner of the make up room!

100410_151454.jpg (98 KB)

The ribbon-cushions which are lined up in a very cute way at the back of the troupe leader are the lovely gifts given from mama, Mika John ♪
She's the one who has various kinds of ideas to design the make up room so its view will be more interesting ☆ Such details and consideration, it's definitely Mika John-san!

This is the picture of fans in a loooong line, eagerly waiting to welcome the troupe leader to the Saitama Super Arena. And this will close our post for today.

100410_152940.jpg (122 KB)

We will post in here again tomorrow, so please wait for it!

A-STAFF Minazou

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Original source: Rock 'n' Roll Blog
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  1. Ooh what a cool idea! It'll be cool to see more of these. ^_^