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Monday, 12 April 2010

[Info] Natalie.Mu Articles: Ayu To Attend Waratte Iitomo 13.04.2010 & Music Station 16.04.2010

Well, I thought that I would like to share these articles from natalie.mu, it's confirmed that Ayu will be appeared on Waratte Iitomo tomorrow, but only on the TELEPHONE CORNER though, 13th April 2010 and on Friday's Music Station 16th April 2010.

Translations under the cut!

"Telephone" From EXILE to Ayumi Hamasaki

April 12, 2010 12:41

Ayumi Hamasaki made an appearance in the "Telephone" sectin since the last February 2009, it's almost 3 years and 2 months. (Photo Taken from First National Tour was held in Saitama Super Arena on April 10.)

Tomorrow, April 13 (Tuesday, Fuji Television show, "Waratte Iitomo!" will be broadcased, and the TELEPHONE Corner will have Ayumi Hamasaki featured.

Today's April 12 guests that will be introduced are EXILEのUSA、NAOKI、NESMITH.

This is today's guest on July 12, EXILE the USA, NAOKI, NESMITH who will appear. Ayumi Hamasaki who answered with a small volume when she was phoned by Tamori, "Just woke up?", and Ayu denied saying, "No way, everytime you call me you always say 'Just woke up?', Not really! This is my usual voice (Laugh)"

The national tour has also started from 10th April 2010, "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2010 ~ Rock 'n' Roll Circus ~". Tomorrow, we will be talking about the tour, so let stay tuned!


Perfume, NYC, GAGA, Ayu and Kou Shibasaki this week "MSuta" appearances

April 12, 2010 13:43

16th April (Friday) Asahi TV which broadcasts "MUSIC STATION" where NYC, Kou Shibasaki, Ayumi Hamasaki, Perfume and LAGY GAGA will make appearances.

Original source: natalie.mu
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