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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

[Ayu's Story] A little request from Ayu's Story

Hey people~ all Ayu's fans all around the world..

I really appreciate that you guys can come visit my little fanblog of Ayu~
and I'm so happy to see that lots of people, lots of Ayu's fans all around the world have visited my Ayu's fanblog from that "Live Traffic Feedjit" (it's really useful item here) and i just really happy that I can share any information regarding to Ayu that I gather from the any other forums that I've always been to, but.. can I ask for a little request from you guys here?

Can you guys at least leave messages on the chatter box that's provided on the right hand side setcion as well as leave comments on each of the posts? so that I can communicate with you guys, It'll be fun that we can communicate with each other about what we love, right?
Just be friends with me instead of coming and leaving?

I hope that it's not a hard request for you guys to do, but if you do, i'll be really appreciate your efforts :) (but no worry, guys! I won't force you guys to do it, but just when you have time :)) 
Have fun blogging :)

Love & Regards, 

Leny Giam
Ayu's Story fanblog admin ♥ 

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