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Thursday, 19 February 2009

[Info] Ayu's MSN special 10th Anniversary site updated with Premium Count Down Live 2008-2009

Ayu's MSN Special 10th Anniversary site has updated with the report and review of "Premium Count Down Live 2008-2009" including the pictures of the event. 

Preview Capture taken from MSN Special site
More pictures see here

Rough translation

Countdown to live like this, the goods are sold in numerous live, five hours before the opening was a long line of fans and be sure to get the goods first. Girls top of the column so I snuggled up in blankets in the cold. Collectibles for sale! 12 hours ago, six in the morning when I was in line! 

BEST 3 is the most popular goods, place an "ayupan * × HelloKitty BANITIPOCHI" second "TEAM MESSAGE KORABOPAKA", 3 "ayupan × HelloKitty key chains." (* Ayupan = avex official character Ayumi Hamasaki) 

This is in line for baked Dora fan. Can not see the end of a long enough! Dora the burnt taste of it with a kind, most people have a set of in-line with all five went to buy three. 

Great success and next years annual Department. I got the fried tofu with soba you mark "ayumi hamasaki PREMIUM COUNTDOWN LIVE 2008-2009" logo you eat with chopsticks, the mode feels totally sunrise.染MIMASU starving the body warmth to the cold waiting outside. 

Many people, enjoyed the live countdown思I思I this style. Fans who brought a homemade trout, "Days" who are the music videos of cosplay, people came to see a group from Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas, to put a mark in the occipital boy!

Place filled with blue light from the light stick. 10 stages featuring behind began to reflect on the year in all 29 songs (songs performed are listed here), with volume more than three hours, six times and change clothes,演舞the lion dance, dragon dance, Chinese acrobatics various凝RASA the wrinkle is, the countdown unnoticed while I was watching intently approaching 0:00. 

Number of popular, "Who ..." in the middle of the countdown began. 
Outside in the countdown to the trout, the countdown to leak from the voice of many fans. Celebrated the New Year with a moment of trout. 
Then in and out of place in "Who ..." a big chorus. 10 appropriate to commemorate the anniversary with a live countdown.

Credit: Ayumiko @ AHS Forum
Original source: Ayu's MSN special site
Shared & Rough Translation by Ayu's Story

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