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Friday, 20 February 2009

[TA Message] no. 454: So, then,

So, then, 
No. 454 20-02-2009 01h49 

For the tenth year ... uh no, it's already the eleventh ... 

... I'll attack me with a crazy schedule that must return to the three most responsible! 
I think I'm going to turn into wax statue ... 

It was in this atmosphere that we have completed the selection of the final hearing of the dancers of the Tour this year. 

The women's team consists of 4 persons, and there is no change, my "big sisters" are all there. 

The team of men, it will consist of 5 Gomi, Shuchi, Suba-sama, Maro-chan, san Zin as well as 3 new members. 

Concerning these three, I present you the latest. 

Anyway, of course that the test of first choice is whether the person knows or not, but I decided to retain those who feared nothing in the result, which gave their all to n having no regrets, who put aside their pride, in short, with a total commitment of the body and soul, those who have to demonstrate a full commitment. 

Yes! yes. 

It's "passion". 

With a new wind blowing on her feet for a new power, Ayu team will go to meet all of Japan! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

I promise you that the scene this year will be exceptional. No, seriously! 

You can really believe me! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

And you must ask when is what I will do the computer? 

When I got my schedule to catch up! 

Qaund this? Impossible to say. 

Indeed, nothing is safe now. 


Well, I do what I ....?

Credit:  Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough translation by Ayu's Story

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