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Thursday, 12 February 2009

[TA Message] no. 425 - 431

Massive attack of Ayu's TA messages, I just found these TA messages from other blog,  Ayu has been blogging almost everyday~~~ so here we go~

Yesterday …
No. 425 04-02-2009 05h02 

… in my head was like:

Boufffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …………

Wasssshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …………

Suzazazazazazazazazazaza ……….. Enough!

but fortunately, the big brother of Chon-chan (not true huh? lol) sent his little sister started to break down a ball in good health, and now it is really better!

Today also j’enregistre.

Finally, starting from today is a new title! glurp!

I am currently taking a break.
But, right side, there are adults with lots of files in your arms I look fixedly, I have the impression that they will catch me …


No. 426 04-02-2009 13h14 

… you think that it is not important?
(What is this question, at once …?)

Just now, I wanted to write, and I forgot … Finally, more specifically, I wanted to write that, I think I have turned on my computer … and I forgot until now.

Well, then, around mid or late February, I shall proceed to cast serious dancers of the Tour.
Accompanied by TRF san, I will save myself with care and determination!

I wonder what the members of the 11th Tour will be years.

I have the heart beating with impatience to know
il en est presque douloureux…

Come on, I’ll post the latest new “photos of the day” look back regularly!

The girl who bites … disconnect! (*)

(*) Puzzle: “The girl who bites” for “Kami no Musume” who writes differently from ordinary reading but in the same way, also means “the daughter of god”, whose nickname s’affuble often Ayu itself.

It sucks! ! ! ! !
No. 427 04-02-2009 17h02 

Hey! Seriously! Niveauuuuuu c’est top!

I was now reading the blog by JK san, I seriously laughed to tears!

Well, I knew this guy that was not normal, but I did not know he had such talent for writing, I really laughed at me to hurt the abs!

Ah, to be precise, it is CMJK san!
You should find it easily.

Kind, I would like you to read, but I do not want to read lol!
Genre, I would like to keep it for me lol!

So you go, but quietly, discreetly huh?

Genre, “speak to you so why here?” lol!

Regarding Task, if only the top level is already beautiful photos lol!

Well, so this was a chronic arrangers!
I think I’ll dwell on this subject lol

It has long been that I had not so good!

No. 428 05-02-2009 06h13 

At the moment, what I was currently writing has disappeared ... (-_-) 

Only the title ... 

pffff .....

This is very sudden …
No. 429 05-02-2009 19h17 

… but I am in Tokyo.

I came back to capture JK san.
No, it’s not true lol!

But if it’s true that I’m back.
Complicated, everything!

This message has evaporated this morning, I wrote to Hawaii.

It’s crazy, huh, I barely had suddenly decided to fly, I find myself in front of my computer!

Only … you know, huh? When you suddenly decide to fly, we often forget things. yeah …

When I finish what I do in Tokyo, I intend to get back to the computer.

Therefore, for a few days, I will disappear …

Huhuhu …!

In a moment …
No. 430 05-02-2009 21h12 

… me, the special envoy Ayumi Hamasaki, I intend to send Christelle Nagashima an image that is a real scoop. You can also watch with interest!

In fact, I wanted to send from Hawaii, but because I’m not particularly gifted with the art, when my Internet environment has changed, I have been able to handle my own computer!

Up to this moment.
If I can find to go, I put pictures in the “Picture of the day”!

It is extremely dangerous to look at the blog by JK san in a place where there are several people.
Proof: just now, by reading while drinking water, I exploded and spits! LOL

It’s great …
No. 431 08-02-2009 00h33 

… seeing as a new dress, huh?
Not bad, eh?

I’ll go! ! ! ! ! ! !

That is what inspires it, is not it?

Even my poses without explanation, they had to be inspired by the universality of the next meeting of these basic colors.

I changed the subject, but now, between two sessions, I went to the dentist.

And then they put me in the mouth a little something like that gives the baby, how you say now … a kind of pacifier finally about.

But it seems that this incident was too big, I thought it was my jaw dropping, and what I feel his mouth glued to the eyes .. (it means What? lol). And the nurse noted: “it is too large, is not it?” and she had exchanged against another.

And there’s the dentist told the nurse that a sentence tracasse me.

“You know, we’ll take the model child.”

Aah … it’s like this …? ? ? lol

It is good, the doc, it was exactly the right size … lol

It is true that, for the shoes, I do 36 …

Good going, I put the picture of the day “

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  1. I'm kindof confused... what happened at the dentist? And what is JK's blog?

  2. hey there..
    i think the last message about the dentist story one.. related to this TA photo:

    the 2nd pic~