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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

[TA Message] no. 446 - 449

*anyway, just added with TA message no. 449, Ayu finally arrived at Narita, where she was late for her earlier flight~*
and she will really film a new PV!!!

At this moment ... 
No. 446 14-02-2009 23h17 

while on my computer, I'm doing my luggage. 

With amongst others, the cast has done to the dancers of the Tour, I have to enter a time in Japan. 

And then I bought gifts in Hawaii, but I was so busy and taken right to the left that I missed! lol 

Do something! M (__) mKAZ! 

Oh, if I post a picture of the day ... 
Was I going to? 
My departure is in 4 hours ... 
Come on, I try! 

A false history. 
No. 447 15-02-2009 05h17 

... or rather, a story that I wrong. 

Voilà! To all those who have noticed that something was wrong ... here's the answer. 

Yes it is this: I should not be here now to write you a message! 
I should be in the aircraft. 

We missed ...(-_-) 
It was caught in a giant traffic jam .(-_-) 

Here I am back with all my baggage that I had carefully made. 

Tell ... seriously ... what can you do here? 

With this, our planning is everything. 
Seriously, I have not the heart to laugh ... 

A nightmare? A bad nightmare? 

Well ... 
No. 448 16-02-2009 02h12 

Here, history nonsense continues. 

Chonchan is still stuck in L.A. 

This time, we can not find a free seat on airplanes, they all show more ... 

Normally, today, at this time, I would have to be in the process of turning a new PV Tokyo. 

I started to have pain in my heart ...(>_<)

Climb aboard! 
No. 449 16-02-2009 17h58 

I finally managed to board! 
And there, we just get out of Narita airport. 

When, at the LAX airport, there were places that were released, Hashimoto Prince, we called with a force: "I've had!!!" 

And I heard that, I do not know what made me, I ordered food to room service. 
No comments. 

So I'm still return safely tell us. 

For my luggage, I recognize that I put in a hurry so I fell under the main result, I do not know quite what's inside! lol 

I left 90% of my business at the hotel lol 
I think it's Stan Chan and Louise who will take care of. 

I'm trying to roll to the next plateau of PV! 
I will do to the strength of my will! 
And to all those who came to greet me, Narita, really thank you very much! (**)

Credit: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Rough translation by Ayu's Story

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