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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

[Video] Ayumi Hamasaki Rule official PV is out!

Rule PV has been aired yesterday night and i simply love it :)

I just love the Japanese-theme of the setting, the background, the Ninjas~ The Japanese house interior and Ayu dances a lot for this PV, i mean it's not like she's dancing all along the song, but this is the PV that she has done a lot of dance moves if compare to the PVs she has done so far~ Anyway, Ayu looks extremely hot when the scene shows she's there sitting and singing :)

Anyway, something interesting that you may notice when you watch the PV, it's when there are the dancers who are doing their solo dances, well not really dancing, but showing their martial art skills, and if you see at the background, there are actually some Kanjis shown and each of the Kanjis represents:

Shu-ya: Tiger
Maro: Crane
Zin: Eagle
Subaru: Snake
Gomi & Ryoji: Double Dragon

So the martial art skills that the dancers demonstrate represent each of the words that shown on the background~and do you guys ring a bell? Have you guys ever watched Kungfu Panda? where got the 5 Dragon Warriors?

oh well, no more explanation, just watch for yourself!

Credit: AHS Forum
Uploaded by Ayu's Story

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