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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

[TA Photo] Today's Photo no. 464 - 470

No. 464: It begins! 

So first, the lunch for yesterday.It was at Fred Segal cafe.We often go here.Stan-chan always takes a steak.Heavily from the P.M. ... lol

No. 465: Fashion check 

The bag's Chanel.
Instead of vertical form, it's funny and cute.
The sweater and the scarf is from "Thomas Wylde"
The pullover contains "trinal" rhiestone manufactured. It's rock!

Second photo. The Boyfriend Denim is the same brand as the one I wore in Hawaii. It's a "CURRENT / ELLIOTT"
This is a version without "Dammage"

Sandals, they are "Silver x gold" from Lanvin.


No. 466: And then … 

Slap-bang mix.They all want to really make the sound alive. Of course it sometimes becomes difficult.
They all work at least 12 hours in a row. It takes a great concentration!

No. 467 in the right direction … 

I'm full of doubt.
Nobita also.


No. 468: Meanwhile … 

JK-san works on another song in another studioJK-san of course gives his best! ! ! ! ! ! ! !I think the silhouette of a person who fights giving everything is really beautiful.

No. 469: Well, 

So? ? ?We're all super involved.Come on, last doiiiiing!

image hosted by ImageVenue.com image hosted by ImageVenue.com

No. 470: MIX 

that's it, it's finish ! ! ! ! !Frankly, it's very classy!All their efforts, the Ayu staff, JK-san, Nobita-kun, aren't half-measures.I can't find words to express my gratitude to see them support me with all of their strength.Ah, the tears are coming as I write. I think I'll to stop.

image hosted by ImageVenue.com

Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com
Shared by Ayu's Story

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