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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

[Article] 04.01.2011 The Secret Behind Ayumi's Anime Eyes - Turn Me Into Ayumi

Jan 4, 2011
Top 3 make-up boo-boos
The secret behind Ayumi's anime eyes - Turn me into Ayumi

By Cheong Poh Kwan

EVEN the most makeup-savvy women in Japan can be guilty of make-up boo-boos, said Japanese make-up expert Kazuya Haraguchi.

The Carriere Makeup Creations and Academy founder, who has worked with top Japanese celebrities like Ayumi Hamasaki, said even the bestselling pop diva and fashion icon had her moments of make-up mishaps.

For one, he said many Japanese women strive to achieve the perfect skin tone and texture with make-up. But they end up looking unnatural when they wear too much foundation.

Many women also tend to go really close to the mirror when they apply makeup. If they do not take a step back to check on their makeup as a whole, they may overlook details like whether the colours applied on both eyes and both cheeks are of equal intensity.

Kayuza Haraguchi also advised that women should not rush through their make-up and skincare routine.

The make-up guru was in Singapore to promote the Cyber Colour Gemstone Collection, which he developed in collaboration with cosmetics chain Sa Sa.

He also showed us how he gave Ayumi Hamasaki her big anime eyes in an exclusive demonstration for Urban and RazorTV.

Check out his step-by-step guide to achieving Ayumi's doll-like eyes.


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Credit: Maxker @ AHS
Original source: Strait Times
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