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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

[Article] 11.01.2011 News of Ayu's Marriage On Singapore's i-Weekly Magazine

Single no more
With barely an hour into 2011, the entertainment industry of Japan was striked with a surprise. 32 year old Japanese songstress Hamasaki Ayumi announced her marriage with Austrain male model Manual Schwarz. DIVA turned wife

1. How did they meet?
In August last year, he was in Los Angeles to star in Ayu's new track "Virgin Road" MV and it was through this collaboration they met and soon fell in love. Coincidentally, the two play lovers-on-the-run and also had a wedding scene in a church. Manual lives in Los Angeles and the two maintains the relationship via phone calls and emails.

2. Ayu to retire and become a housewife?
On the eve of New Year's Day, Ayu appeared in a wedding dress look on Kouhaku. As though hinting to the sudden marriage, she announced on that same night that "I, as a person, as a woman, has found an irreplacable love. We have decided to be together for life". Rumours in the industry begun spouting that Ayu was to retire, but she denied saying "Nothing will change due to this. I will still be myself." Ayu even revealed that she told her husband to "put my fans in first place".

3. What is the background of Ayu's male model husband?
Manual Schwarz from Austria, 30 years old, 1.8m in height, and whose appearance has been likened to Keanu Reaves and Vincent Gallo. He was once a model working for Levi's and Von Dutch. There is a large difference between Ayu's and his popularity and income.

4. How was the wedding done in 72 hours?
After announcing the marriage, both aarrived at the airport the same afternoon surrounded by 9 bodyguards. They wore black and put on sunglasses to keep a low profile but were still recgonized by the public, which alerted the media. Despite all the interviews, Ayu did not respond and merely smiled to acknowledge, as she held her husband's arm tightly throughout. They reached Los Angeless on 1st January, clad in casual wear and had a closed-door wedding ceremony without family and friends. Around 10 colleagues were present to witness the event. After the wedding, Manuel posted on Twitter a photo with the pair with their wedding rings gazing at each other in a sweet manner.

5. Was is a real marriage?
A number of reports have suggested that Ayu has had a shotgun marriage but her management company has denied such rumors. Also, some reports point that Ayu is using the wedding as a prmotional gimmick for her latest album "Love songs" released last month as her husband is also her onscreen boyfriend.


Sharing the bliss on the web
Ayu, who has rarely publicized her love life, announced her marriage in a unique way and also had an overseas wedding. Morover, she has gladly posted photos of their couple phtos for everyone to see Ayu as a woman-in-love.

When love has become history
Sine her debut, Ayu has had many rumours about her love life such has (sorry I have no idea who they are cept...) .. and Tohoshinki member Hero etc. The most looked upon was when she was with er ex-lover, Tomoya Nagase, TOKIO's lead vocal, in a 7 year long secret relationship. They were so deeply in love, they even had tattoos to represent their love. However in 2007, they announced their breakup and each has found their new love.

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Original source: i-Weekly
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