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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

[Rumor] Ayu's Mom marry Ayu's ex part 2 with brief summary

Okay, just found the brief summary of the article (Ayu's Mom marry Ayu's ex) that i posted before so here we goes~:

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According to the latest japan issue of Woman's Weekly, Ayu was happily telling her friends that her mum is getting remarried, but what's shocking for other's is that ayu's stepdad is actually her ex-boyfriend during her secordary years.

It was said that Mr 'N' was an old schoolmate in Fukohau. They had dated in secordary school, after ayu went to Tokyo to advance her career, their relationship ended. After that, Mr 'N' went to Tokyo University. In year 02, Ayu open a accessories store in Tokyo for her mum and Mr 'N' had not yet found a job after leaving university, so he went to work for Ayu's mum. That is how the both of them advance from boss/employee to lovers.

Mr 'N' is tall and strong build and quite good looking. Ayu's mom is at least 20 years older then her boyfriend. Ayu is quite open minded person, does not mind that her mum's date with her ex, she's even supporting them. Back when Ayu was still going out with Tomoya, they had even went on a double date.

it's totally a shocking news! and thanks God that it's not Tomoya Nagase~
Well, i'm still not sure whether it's true or not~

Credit: LacusClyne @ AHS Forum

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