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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

[TA Photo] Today's photo: 432 - 437

Ayu seems having so much fun in Hawaii!
and look at her and the bodyguard..they look like a big brother and a little sister, don't they? or a father and daughter? and did i see they hand in hand???

well, rather than gossiping Ayu with her bodyguard, i can sense that there will be a new album coming out!! so can't waiiiiiiiiittttt!!it will be the 10th Album right? cool!

No. 432: Today,

... I arrived at the studio while it was still very dark.
This is the "Honolulu Avex Studio".
Today it was a bit fresh, so I'm wearing sheepskin.
My bag is a Balenciaga Navy.

No. 433: And then ...

I siiiiiing! ♪
Very concentrated!
And barefoot of course!

No. 434: The studio ...

...is very wide as you see.
But I sang in a little corner lol
Yea, otherwise I don't feel at ease.

The second photo shows Kome, famous for his crest. Beside him is CMJK-san who made the arrangements.
In the foreground is Morimoto-san!

No. 435: A North Shore

Admiring endless sea, contemplating the sky,
It almost made me cry lol

No. 436: This is ...

our place for lunch.
Well no need to emphasize that we have ordered too much lol
And there is the face that people realized that these dishes are super spicy! lol

No. 437: The last of the days

At Matsumoto Shave Ice, I got some clothes and a cap.
And more clothes for my dogs! ♪
Pattern with sweets are so cute! ☆
On the right is a denizen met by chance.

But no! This is Stan-chan, come on! lol
But what are you dooiiinng... lol

Credit: Linza-mo @ AHS Forum
Source: Incognito @ AyuAngel.com

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