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Monday, 18 January 2010

[Article] Japanese Medias Talk about Ayu's Vocal

Alright, Some of you may be hurt by these articles which are mostly accusing of Ayu to have bad vocal these days, but PLEASE keep in mind that this kind of complain also means the encouragement for an artist to start to look back to herself, what she's lacking, but all in all, we will still support Ayu, no matter what, ok?

but, i don't want to sound like I'm bashing some artists, but i'm not going to mention who they are, i mean why not the medias trying to say something about the other artists' vocals who in my opinion sound a lot worse than Ayu, and yet they're very successful!

Livedoor: The way of singing is too much! The vocal skills of Kouhaku's Top Batter, Hamasaki Ayumi

Kouhaku's, which reached it's 60th broadcast, top batter of the night was the impressive Hamasaki Ayumi, but no one could believe the sound they heard from her voice. She had just finished apologizing for the performance the other day where her voice didn't come out, but her singing voice this day, as an artist was also a "..." kind of feeling.

It seemed that this top batter was forcing her voice out of her, and if we say it directly, it was hard to listen to. However, if she doesnt use this voice, would her voice be able to come out?

From before, people have been saying that "her voice won't come out" or "that singing voice is so awful," to the point where even her fans have been saying "I didn't even think her voice went this far" after her voice didn't come out on live broadcast.

They put her in a time slot where ratings don't matter, which made us think that the era of Hamasaki Ayumi is finally and truly over. The only saving grace was that EXILE performed right after her. The fact that these famous singers were partners and did not abandon her was the only appealing factor.

However, if we listen just to this day's voice, there was already no trace of the Singing Queen of the past.

J-CAST: 'As a singer, this was my worst' Hamasaki's Shocking Blog Confession

What in the world has happened to Hamasaki Ayumi? From the succession of programs where her voice doesn't even come out, to the outrage from her fans online, Hamasaki Ayumi looked back, and apologized and confessed on her blog that this has truly been her worst as a singer.

The circumstances on the Music Festival, in which Hamasaki Ayumi sang the huge hit "Evolution," were a little different than the high pitched and strong voice that had mesmerized audiences before. Her voice didn't come out, as she turned her back to the camera... and after, with an expression of a painful smile, she shouted "I'm sorry."

"I can't say any excuse. Anyways, it's very regrettable."

She wrote about the experience on her blog on the 16th, apologizing to fans, saying that "As a singer, in my opinion, it was my worst. I have no excuse, and I'm really sorry. My training isn't enough, and I really need to get serious." and, "I have to sing these songs, I have to transmit these songs. That is the meaning of my existence, and I want to continue working hard so I can have a stage where I can be at east and have fun."

But more, being told that "Ayu's voice won't come out" started MORE than a year ago.

On Yahoo's Q&A site, a huge shock has spread. A question asked recently was "When I see Ayu recently, it's so painful. What does everyone think?" "When I listen, I even get painful."

These were the answers that followed.

"When I listen, it's painful. It seemed like the chest would be hurt."
"It seems like, when it comes to her voice, and even her figure, she isn't making any efforts to improve it."
"I think she should go overseas and start from 0, with her voice training. If she doesn't..."

And these kinds of worried voices, but also strict opinions came together.

Checking the video site Youtube, we inspected the Boys & Girls performance at Music Fair 21 in 2009, comparing to the time Boys & Girls was put for sale, and we saw that half way through her singing style looked so painful, and of course, didn't come out. Half way though, the back chorus starting singing the main parts, which was an unexplainable development. Those who watched the show said "Her voice is dead, right?" "She could sing this in the past, but now, she can't even get her voice to come out." "It was a laugh when the main chorus started singing the main", with the remaining impressions stated in a similar fashion.

What in the world happened to Hamasaki Ayumi? Is it the influence of her ear problem? We asked this question to Avex Management, but we have yet to receive the reply.

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  1. This makes me worry! I don't want her to lose her beautiful voice!!