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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

[Fanaccount] Meeting Ayu In London Fanaccount 24.01.2010

Super lucky fan could ever meet Ayu and Ayu chose to take a picture with him! OMG.. it's one of the AHS members :)
OMG! I'm so jealous and so happy at the same time that Ayu is SO NICE!
Here's his fanaccount, no picture yet though




I've taken one individual picture with Ayu!!!!!

She came back Langham Hotel around 5.20pm and there were only 6 fans waiting for her (me, Leonard from Malaysia, 2 Chinese girls and 2 Taiwanese girls), she came back from SHOOTING A NEW PV (she's shooting her new PV today and tomorrow, I don't know location, sorry!), then she got off from the car and asked Stan-chan to take one pic with me, I was so shocked... I was WHAAAAAAT???? we've taken the pic together in front of main door of Hotel, the photo was taken of course for Stan-chan (thanks Stan for all ur help) when I go back home I'll upload it here and in my facebook, she was really nice, she told me read the letter I gave her yesterday through Stan-chan and she remembered all in my letter, even when I went to see her concerts in 2009 -arena tour and countdown live- (I've written the dates in the letter) and also about I'm gonna again to see her Saitama shows in April... I think when she read my letter thought I'm crazy haha... she's AWESOME, I was living a dream during this loooooong few seconds by her side!!!!

I felt a lil bit sad cause she only took one picture with me and not with the other fans (she could have taken at least one group pic with all us but Stan-chan told it's ok, no more pics) but then she signed my Dearest single and my Next Level album and I ask her if could sign another one for Miss_Elin and of course she signed another one, after she signed cd's and stuff to other 5 fans, at least they got her items signed, that was nice!!!!!

I'll come back again tomorrow (she still will be shooting PV tomorrow) so for sure she's gonna out of Hotel again... hopefully to see everyone there, Lily PLEASE comeeeee... I'm sure she also read your letter and you've so much possibilities to get one pic with her... I'll try to ask her when she's leaving London to get sure about that to all of us that's planning to come on Friday.

I'll let you know more tomorrow night, I'm still too excited, really I'm still living a dream so I just wanted to give my biggest THANKS to Aura (walking.proud) for saying me about writting a letter to Ayu (it was her idea), thanks Laura... Ayu read my letter, so have for sure also read your letter and Lily's one!!!!

My dream come true but I still need to see Ayu again and once again and again and... again .... once again... WE LOVE YOU AYU ALWAYS & FOREVER!!


Credit: crea_spain @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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