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Saturday, 2 January 2010

[Screencaps] The Miracles of Matsuura Masato: a-nation Launch Party – Tohoshinki And Ayumi Hamasaki

This is such a miracle to me!!
the boys did talk to Ayumi Hamasaki during the a-nation 2009 last day launch party!
and it was Jejung of Tohoshinki who tried to speak to Ayu at first *kyaaa Jejung is my favorite member, that's why I'm so excited!*
I wish there's a video of it!

actually, these are taken from the video documentary about Max Matsuura, The Future’s Engine An Enthusiastic Creator – The Miracles of Matsuura Masato.

Apparently the first broadcast caught up last night 21:00-23:00 on BS-TBS, and there was this scene captured at the show. Tohoshinki with Matsuura-san and Ayumi Hamasaki at a-nation launch party.

This party was held before the opening of the last day a-nation 2009 concerts at Osaka. All avex artists who were performing that day attended the event.

Here are the screencaps!

matsuura1.jpg (38 KB)

matsuura2.jpg (36 KB)

Jaejoong all of sudden tried to spoke to Ayu, and she said…

matsuura3.jpg (33 KB)

“You’re talking to me? what is it?”

matsuura4.jpg (29 KB)

Jaejoong said again, “Thank you… thank you for waving our towel~”

All Tohoshinki members then also revealed their gratitude to her in a little embarrassment, lol

matsuura5.jpg (29 KB)

credit: sanninnomama + sharingyoochun.net
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  1. there's a video though
    here's a link>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6crXBHSxzw&feature=related