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Monday, 25 January 2010

[Fanaccount] Meeting Ayu At London 24.01.2010

Fanaccount by walking.proud of AHS, that Ayu is sick T__T
hope she's alright, and she'll actually be leaving on this Friday!


Well... mmm today it was a bitterwheet day..

first of all I have to say to you all that AYU IS LEAVING THIS FRIDAY!!! Stan said us that they will leave on Friday.. maybe saturday if the shot (of a PV I supose) isn't finiseh.. so people.. if you really want to enjoy Ayu wou have to fly there on wednesday... to se her maybe wednesday night, on thursday and sey bye bye on friday... (I don't know if crea-spain said it already...)

So, about today...

We were in front of the hotel at 8... at 10 one guy from ayu staff (we call him the iPhone guy) came and ask us: are you waiting for japanese?. It's like.. XD not for japanese.. for AYU! we said yes, and he showed us her iPhone, sying, ayu can't come now, she has send me a message.

it said: please, if there are fans waiting outside of the hotel, tell them to go and stay in a warm place. If they want to wait maybe I will go out at 12 at noon.

It was in english. I asked him: it's really from Ayu. He said yes... yes I was able to see "Ayu" in the screen. We were so... overwhelmed.. you know.. how whe was worried about us and she was saying at which hour we should go... Before that two uf us went to a flower shop and we bought a bunch of flowers (I will post a picture later) they were pink roses and some other kind of flowers, really cute, it was amazing... we also made a note saying:

It has been great to meet you Ayu! We hope you will come back soon to Europe! Thanks for being how you are!
From your fans:

(and her we 5 put our names and countries... it was curious because no one was from England.. Ayu should think about that maybe XD 3 spain/1 france/1 belgium)

At 12 we were there... at 12:30 Stan-chan came for the first time. He said us that Ayu was a bit ill, and her voice wasn't okey because London is so cold, and that she wasn't going to go out for the moment... that we should go to somewhere and wait if we wanted warm and that she wouldn't go out before 4.. so at 4 or 5 she would come. He asked us if we wanted to give her something so we gave him the bunch of flowers and said him that there was a message.

We came back at 4 and waited... and waited... then Stan came for the second time, he said that they would come out at 6,30-45 to go to the recording studio. cre-spain and the french gilr gave him a letter for ayu. Here it was whene we asked Stan when they were leaving.. he said, as I said, at Friday, but that they are recording and also doing a shot (so or it's the booklet or a PV...) and that if they could not finish it by then they woulg come back on Saturday...

we all were back at 6... we waited and waited... and also like at 12, the staff bans, her driver, and other staff members were out waiting... at 8 the iphone guy came, we already knew what he was gonna say us... she was not going to go out. Only a few minutes after that Stan came for the 3 time... He said us that Ayu was too sick, that she couldn't go to the recording studio and of course couldn't come out and see us. He said that he was sorry because we were waiting for all day... He also said that all the staff was going out and leave her alone resting. I said him to say to ayu to take care and get beeter soon... we said goodbye and that's all...

efectively all the satff was outside going in different directions, they all waved us from the car, also banchou was going with other staff walking and she waved us as well and we said goodbye.

So... we are kind of sad now... My friend and I cancelled our plane for one tomorrow because we were only 4, so it would have been so personal, we wanted to have individual pics with her and speak a little, not signing anything, just let her know what we are writting in all our letters... I'm really tired, we were there from 8 to 8....and I think I got a cold too... of course it's sad and it's dissaponting but I don't regret being there all day.. of course it's not Ayu's nor Stan's fault... we also said him thankyou so much to him, Ayu and all the Staff because they were really kind to us letting us know when we could come and to care about us and say to go to a warm place. Really I feel really thankyou it's like Ayu cares more of us than for herself!!

I'm also sad because she's ill.. and that's a pitty because she has to end recording the album and make the shoot... so she has to feel really bad right now for all the staff that is here waiting for her.. and she's so a good person that she might even feel bad for us waiting outside!!

so well... it has been a sad way to end this amazing weekend... But een though I can get good things from today (at least we talked a lot with Stan, Ayu got our flowers and message, sure she knew about us... We also think she was looking at us from the window...) and I've got a lot of things!! authographs, pics, seen her 3 times, talked to her, touched her... I'm even at TA!! my mum called me this morning to tell me XDD) It has been amazing!!...

sooo... nothing more... now I can only say some advices to you all guys...

As Ayu is ill I don't think she will go out tomorrow morning... If you go there normally she gous ut at 11-12 so I wouldn't be there waiting until 9,30-10... before it's kind of useless... but we didn't know so... XD Also maybe se comes back during the afternoon some time around 4... but whe won't be on the hotel until 8 or later if she's doing something.. but before 8 it would be strange... If I were you I would be only at the hotel... you know.. it's 100% sure she willc ome out and come back from the hotel.. while you don't know if she's oing first at the studio or to another place and so...

Also and advice of how to act. They don't like crazy fans that scream and take pics of her all the time.. she feels uncomfortable... of course if you want to do that you can... but if you want them to be kind to you and talk to Ayu you have to be wuite, whe WILL come tou you kidnly, she will sign everything and more you will give her, she will accept everything, and for fotos, before doing anything ask for a pic, and it will be better that make her feel uncomfortable or make Stan get angry with you...

Tha's my advice... also I tell you she will make a group pic if you are few people or only when she's ariving from somewher... if she's coming out fron the hotel she won't stop for a pic, only signing... If you are a lot don't spect her to pay atention and talk a lot... only when we were 4 and yesterday 7 whe was talking... and yesterday she knew perfectly that Crea-spain was new, and that the other saw her already... I'm sure she remembers me and my friend, and also the french fans so she spend more time with crea-spain ^^

mmm nothing more... XDDD I had a kind of only looking-philosophy, I only have pics where I'm with her that other's took... I wanted to see everything and remember every single expressiond and movement and word she did not seeign her through a cam.

So... enjoy Ayu if you are going, I wish you all the luck and hope you will be able to meet ayu as well!!

Credit: walking.proud @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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