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Thursday, 21 January 2010

[FanProject] Ayu's Possible Visit To London

I know this is kind of late, Sorry~ 
There's been the rumor going around that Ayu is about going to London, so the British fans are somehow want to do kind of project for Ayu. Here it is, This is taken from www.thewaytosay.com, as the British Ayu Fanclub.
Ganbatte to those all British Fans in the aim to Meet Ayu! 
Hope they will bring great news too all Ayu's fans in the world and specially, British fans!


Fans have now started to plan the possible events in connection with the London visit.

It has been confirmed that Ayumi Hamasaki is planning to visit London soon. Her visit was scheduled for the end of January 2010, but had to be temporarily postponed because of the extreme changes in weather. The reason for her visit is apparently to record a new album in one of London's famous recording studios, and also two film a new music video.

The Way to Say is actually based in the UK, not far from London. So we are really excited to hear this news. Of course, the exact time and location of her visit is not public knowledge, and possibly will not become known until afterwards. So if we British fans are going to have any chance of seeing our beloved Ayu, we need a plan ...

Yesterday I contacted the Japanese Embassy in London to inquire as to whether they had any information about Ayu's upcoming visit. They told me that they have not been contacted by her company, but that they do not always have advanced knowledge of celebrity visits anyway. They were very helpful, though, and gave me the details of how to contact Ayu's company Avex in order to ask them.

So the plan is, I've written a letter to Max Matsuura (Ayu's long-time manager, producer, friend, and the CEO of Avex), as well as one to Ayu herself, asking about the upcoming visit to London. In the letters I explained (in both Japanese and English) that Ayu has many fans here in England who would be excited to be comfortable two welcome here to our country. I also wrote in the letters about The Way to Say project and that our main aim is to bring Ayu's music to English-speaking people all over the world. My hope is that Matsuura or Ayu might be interested in arranging a publicity event where Ayu is welcomed by her fans in London. If that happens, then we would like to present here with a CD of her own songs in English by The Way to Say.

We will keep you updated as to whether we receive a reply or not. Fingers crossed!

Credit: www.thewaytosay.com
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