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Thursday, 14 January 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 14.01.2010

14th January, 2010 3:09am

After what I said in my previous entry, about someone planning to move in with me until I am healed, ayu's entire staff came enthusiastically to my place for lunch and work.

The place where filming was done yesterday ☟


(caption: heartwarming)

At this moment, I was having Pocari in front of the stove. (laugh)

Whe-------------n will I get better!!!!!!!

I want to get out of this odourless tasteless world-------...

Honestly, my nose keeps running, I wonder how I can stop it. I sent an SOS mail to Mishii Beaute's₁ Mikarin₂, who replied that a "Sweat Treatment"₃ will be best, and for Bancho and I to hurry down to the salon immediately.

And was it the strongest treatment ever!!!!!!!!!!

These practitioners, they really, really do use their strength.

Thank you, Mikarin ♡

Thanks to you, this poor body had a wonderful time ♡

And before I left, Mishii Beaute gave me this set as a souvenir~.


These are for special use from now on.

Those which I have at home are like this too, but since this was given to me by Mikarin personally, I'm sure they're more effective. (laugh)

Firstly, this, which I have to use whenever I have my morning and evening baths₄.

Before I enter the bathtub, I have to apply this all over my body and rub it in to encourage my body to sweat. It feels wonderful~ ♪

☆Massage Oil☆


After that, when my body has cooled down, I have to mix the oil ☝ with this multi-purpose massage salt and apply it. It's supposed to help my metabolism, get rid of horny skin, and give me soft bouncy skin like a baby.

☆Massage Salt☆


After that, my favourite Aojiru₅, yes! (laugh)

Like the health freak I am, I like to drink Aojiru, and so I tried this out.

And it was really good!!!!!!!

Just after I wake up each morning, I'm supposed to mix 2 bags of this with water and drink it.

☆The Force of Beauty, Aojiru☆


I think that for Aojiru, it's important for them to have good packaging and naming~

I think this one has really captured the essence of a beautiful girl.

And, lastly~

From Dr.Satou: "Finally, here you go!!!" ♡

This, which has stopped selling on the shelves since last summer.

Anti-bacterial water ♪


This, which Doctor calls "stainless water" ♪

As for the details... Umm, please ask Dr. Satou. (laugh)

Hmm, well, though I really should be keeping this secret for Niiyan... When I opened this, the cap dashed against my Ray-Ban sunglasses and damaged it. I had to borrow Niiyan's pair, and had to go home wearing it.

I didn't do it on purpose. (laugh)

Then, because I was just thinking of returning home quickly, I left them in the car. So I can show them to you now. (lol)

Anyway, I wore them again today. (lol)


I'm really sorry, Niiyan!!! (laugh)

I'll surely return them tomorrow.

Everyone, don't tell Niiyan I blogged about this. (laugh)

Oh, it's probably hard to tell from the photo, but I had my hair cut short yesterday.

This is Chon-san. ♡

₁ Mishii Beaute is a salon selling high-end therapy products. http://www.mishii.com/
₂ Mika Takahashi, the owner of Mishii Beaute. Mikarin is probably ayu's nickname for her.
₃ ayu calls it that, but I doubt that is its actual name. Judging by what she wrote, it was a massage session.
₄ Ofuro. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ofuro
₅ Aojiru is a vegetable drink. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aojiru

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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