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Saturday, 30 January 2010

[Fanaccount+Photo+Video] Meeting Ayu At London 29.01.2010

Full report from Ianieee @ AHS!
Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful fanaccount to us! COOL!
So envy of you!


January 29th 2010!!!!

Ok... Sorry for the late report... I lied... haha well I needed to go shower etc and upload everything >.<... Well basically... mm I got to London around 4pm... But I never really planned on going out around 7... So I got some stuff to eat at home and then headed out... By the time I got to the hotel it was around 7pm... As planned =). I manage to meet a few people from AHS! Also met Cronopl, Tordek and some others! (sorry only a few I could actually remember haha) Everyone was very nice and chatty! It’s as if we all knew each other.. Was like wow.. ... we talked a lot of stuff but then I heard that Ayu wouldn’t be back at the hotel until like 11pm because she’s having dinner with her staffs etc (most likely a thank you for the help dinner kinda thing)... So many “AHS” crew went to a coffee place named Costa... We all sat down.. drank our coffee had a nice time.. chatting xD it was fun! Very good and very nice experience getting to know one another... After that it was mmmm probably around 9:30 ish? So thought we’ll go back to the Hotel... People were still there waiting =)... A few more fans came... I met Ob.Tony (two people) Mikko and Christine xD.... They were very nice too! Might be planning on meeting them tomorrow... Anyhow we waited and waited and then... I needed to pee (Sorry for being rude) haha.. Well anyways Cronopl said that it’s ok.. you can go into the hotel... so i gave it a shot... And you can see from many videos that there is always someone standing outside the hotel... Hes the person that calls in the Taxi’s for customers etc... Anyways... so i gave it a shot... “tried” to walk into the hotel and got stopped by him... xD he asked me “How may i help you” I was like... you mind if i use the bathroom... His face looks very annoyed... Well pretty much because hes more annoyed of the fans being infront of the hotel every day haha... (God Bless Ayu) Either way he kinda said... “You know you shouldn’t be walking in etc etc” and i replied “sorry first time here” (Though it was my 2nd time because i was there last week... But i don’t think he remembers me) hahaha xD He was like ok... In the end he was a nice person!... So i got into the hotel and the first thing I thought in my mind was like wow!... This hotel is NICEEEEEEEE! Haha... It’s sooo well.. Looks rich! Lol Very nice place.... Even the workers in there was very respectful... i mean every time you walk pass them, they gave you a smile and a nod... greeted you very nicely... As if i lived in the hotel myself xD... When i got out the Hotel i said “Sorry to bother you, and thankyou” the guy standing infront was like “No problem” xD... Haha... and then the waiting game started again! One hour later... We saw a black Van.... Everyone was like bleh... But then Ayu’s Driver came out and everyone freaked out! Ahha... Stan-chan got us all to stand to the side and then autographs and everything started to happen... I myself manage to get 2 CD signed... 2 posters signed this time... Soo lucky i can’t believe it... When i got very close to Ayu and manage to get my 2 posters signed i said “Domou Arigato Gozaimasu” Ayu looked at me and smiled she said.. “Oh your Japanese is very good and cute” I just looked at her and smiled xD.... All i could do *Blush* hahaha! Then i let others get some stuff signed before i took my CD’s out... And when i took my cd’s out... I got near Ayu again and she just smiled at me xD... Was funny haha But after 5 more minutes of signing.. Stan-chan said “ok lets have a group photo” and we all got into a little huddle and i was kneeling down infront of the photo and basically Stan-san said to take the photo on one camera and then hopefully the 1 person will share it between all of us *Really hope that happens* I soo wanted to have a group photo on my camera! >.<.... Either way it was a great experience... Once the group photo was taken Ayu shook many peoples hands near the front (Thankgod i was near the front) haha... When she shook my hand i said “Ganbatte on your new album” and she replied “Arigato” xD and walked up the stairs and told everyone go home it’s very cold! (something along those lines) but she basically told us to go somewhere warm and it was basically a very nice good bye in the end... Everyone was happy... This time no one cried haha... But overall... it was yaaay! I got everything signed... xD Do i want to go again tomorrow? Mmmm Maybe! I want more group photos or little groups xD... I got nothing left to sign now but hey im really really happy.. So happy! *Can still remember when she smiled at me and was like “Your Japanese is good and cute” xD... Ayu spoke a lot of English when she arrived, it was very clear as well =)... then she spoke Japanese when we took the group photo... xD Thankyou everyone who was there! Was awesome meeting you all!!


16864_449466790433_795005433_110726.jpg (63 KB) 16864_449466815433_795005433_110726.jpg (54 KB) 16864_449466830433_795005433_110726.jpg (62 KB) 16864_449466855433_795005433_110726.jpg (60 KB) 16864_449467215433_795005433_110726.jpg (55 KB) 16864_449467580433_795005433_110726.jpg (62 KB) 16864_449467605433_795005433_110726.jpg (71 KB) 16864_449468080433_795005433_110726.jpg (58 KB) 16864_449468090433_795005433_110726.jpg (65 KB) 16864_449468135433_795005433_110726.jpg (46 KB)

Ianieee's signed CDs and Posters

16864_449467225433_795005433_110726.jpg (53 KB) 16864_449468320433_795005433_110727.jpg (53 KB) 16864_449471440433_795005433_110727.jpg (36 KB) 16864_449473640433_795005433_110727.jpg (32 KB) 16864_449468150433_795005433_110726.jpg (46 KB)


The rest of the videos, You can find out from Ianieee's own Youtube Channel

All pictures and videos are belong to Ianieee @ AHS
Credit: Ianieee @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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