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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

[Fan Project] A WORLD IS ONE Fanbook Project

First I'm truly apologize to all of you, my fanblog's readers as Ayu's ultimate fans, I'm really sorry that I TOTALLY forgot to post this Fan Project up on my blog entries, OMG, i was totally blank and i kept on posting anything related to Ayu, but not this Fan project, really sorry, i thought like what i was thinking by the time, i'd known perfectly that there was this kind of fan project, held by Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai International Forum, where they would give this fanbook to Ayu during her stay in London and they plan to give it to Ayu tomorrow, Wednesday, 27th January 2010. But, I completely forgot to post it here too. So sorry, if not, you guys probably would want to give your fanletters to Ayu through me and AHS Forum.
I extremely apologize!! m(_ _)m
I hope I won't skip this kind of project at another time, So sorry!


Oh Well, here's the Fanbook's cover, It looks so COOL, isn't it?

Can't wait for the completed fanbook picture!

Credit: Maxker + zoomzoom @ AHS
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  1. hi an edoard i want to ask you something.Can you say hi ayu and tell her that she has a truly fan in venezuela that love her a lot