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Saturday, 30 January 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 30.01.2010

OMG! She really mentioned about "A WORLD IS ONE" Fanbook!!! GOSHHH!!!!!!
This is the most touching Ayu's Diary ever! Read thoroughly guys!

30th January, 2010 11:44pm

Boo. I've been writing an account for this entry since the morning 2 days ago, but have yet to finish it up...

So before I go for recording, I'll work hard and finish writing this!!!

From the morning of 2 days ago. I'll be glad if you can read this with a tripping feeling ☆ (what kind of feeling is that, laugh). And so...

First, please look at this.


This, is an ornament that is placed right in the middle of the entrance to the room in which I'm staying. And, everyday, when I come back from work, those flowers which are placed around it change.

Because of this, everytime I come here, I'll wonder "What flower will it be today~♪". So it's always very pleasant and expectant, whenever I open my room door and walk to this spot.

But~♡ From yesterday night onwards, the things which are placed here have been changed to 2 big books, both of which mean so many things!!!!!!!




Because this entrance is joined to all the other rooms, I always have to pass by this spot ♡

That's why, I always stop by to hold, and to read ♡

So, this. Everyone must be wondering "what is this really???"...

Well, it's a wonderful wonderful surprise present I received from everyone who had been waiting and waiting for me outside the hotel, when I came back from PV filming yesterday morning.

Being the time it was, the staff were all dead tired, and I myself was almost fainting from exhaustion. We were thinking "Surely, at this time, there will be nobody left".

"Eh?! There are people in front of the hotel??? Is it a coincidence????? But at this time?" All these things ran through my mind, and there, right in front of my eyes. As always, everyone's smiling faces.

At that weird hour, in spite of the cold, everyone was as cheerful as always ☆☆


I cried...

But, really, even if they were smiling now, they must have been waiting, encouraging each other, supporting each other, determined to continue waiting for this time to come...

And there must have been some who had to leave because of time constraints, and they might have been crying on their way back...

Thinking of these things, I started crying again.

Even so, because everyone was showing me their best smiles, I smiled too.

But, really, everyone's hands and faces were blue. Must be the cold...

And so, because I couldn't say anything, I just held everyone's hands tight, one by one.

After awhile, for some reason, everyone got into a nice line. And then, a girl from Norway started to speak to me really politely.

She said, "We wish for you to know that you have fans from all over the world, and for that, we have made this book for you."

"Through the web, we've gathered many many messages here from all over the world."

"And these 2 books are the results of our effort."

A book, with the words [A WORLD is ONE] on the cover.

Written on the first page: To select the best cover, many alternatives were submitted as well.


Then, on the next page, there was this message.



Inside, one after another, one after another, page by page, these were created for me.


After receiving the book and feeling its weight in my hands, my eyes started to burn.

Because I was still wearing that fairly strange make-up from the PV filming, I was wearing sunglasses. So, I was safe, and I persevered and prevented my tears from overflowing.


This cover that was picked, was made by a guy who lives in New York!!!!!!!


Stan-chan, who was talking to the fans together with me, was also so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn't speak. And this was what happened, which warmed me all the way to the bottom of my heart ☆

Really, really, this is just too wonderful...

Flipping through the pages, crying at every message. All the words appear blurred.

And really, all these letters and photos from TA all over the world, all packed together-----------------

And from there, are so many countries which I myself have not been to.

From now on, no matter how many times, I will reread these again and again.

All these messages and letters from everyone shows me that everyone is there.

When I meet with happy times, or when I meet with sad times, I will always remember these words which everyone has given me.

This book too, from today onwards, will become my friend* ♡

* ayu uses the word 仲間 (nakama) here, which doesn't really translate well into English. Aside from friend, 仲間 can translate as comrade/companion, generally someone/something which is precious. (people who watch the anime One Piece will get a better picture of this word lol! ^^)

Everyone, thank you.




With that, today is another day, I'll work hard~.

And the last photo, is the guardian spirit of my room, which I've brought from Japan.


Amethyst-san and Crystal-san.

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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  1. She makes it readily apparent just why everyone loves her so much. Everyone must be really happy that she loves it!

  2. That is the most heartfelt and touching thing I have ever read as a lifetime fan of Ayu's.