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Saturday, 30 January 2010

[Rumor] Ayumi Hamasaki Invited To Sing A Theme Song For Jackie Chan's New Movie

Well, this is only a rumor so please don't take it too seriously, but yet, I do hope that this is real!
Jackie Chan and Ayumi Hamasaki are COOL if they ever meet!!


Here's the part of the article that talked it

Original article:


他还透露,为了增加电影的时尚元素和在亚洲范围内的发行,已经向日本歌坛天后滨崎步发出邀请,由她来担纲电 影主题曲的演唱。“这部戏的幕后班底很强,摄影师请的是美国的大师,剪辑是张艺谋和冯小刚导演御用的,文戏 导演是宁瀛,动作戏导演是袁祥仁(金牌武指袁和平的弟弟),武指更是聚集了袁家班、陈家班的精英,特效也是 请的最好的团队。”一大串卖点铺陈下来,陈虎又多了几分自信,“第一部我觉得至少自己已经尽力了,应该不会 有遗憾的。”


Ayumi Hamasaki invited to sing the theme song

He also revealed that, in order to increase the film's fashion elements and the distribution within Asia has been to the Japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki days after the invitation from her to the film featuring the theme song of the concert. "This a very strong team behind the show, the photographer is the United States requested a master clip is director Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang's Queen, the text of plays directed by Ning Ying, action drama directed by Yuen Cheung Yan (Yuen Woo-Ping gold medal means the younger brother of Wu) , Wu Yuan that is gathered in classes, Chen elite classes, special effects are also invited the best team. "lay out a long list of selling points down, Chen Hu addition of a somewhat self-confidence," I think at least their first have worked hard, and it should not have regrets.

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1 comment:

  1. Wow this is pretty neat if it was real xD
    I wonder.. was this a rumor?? or is it still uncertain? lol
    This reminds me that Jackie Chan & Yochan met YEEAAAAARS ago.. so it would have been cool if they met again xD