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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

[Fanaccount] Meeting Ayu At London Fanaccount + Picture 26.01.2010

The latest fanaccount from another member of AHS, Maxker, the owner of Ayu.no Fansite. He's the one who's going to help us to hand over the Fanbook to Ayu TONIGHT, London Time. It feels so excited! (sorry feel sorry for my fanblog's readers that I'm so selfish, gosh i totally feel I AM!, so sorry)


AMGGG! I and norwegian blue has just met Ayu, and we got four CDs signed. Quite amazing. We landed in London around 20.00, put our luggage at the hotel, and went straight to the hotel where Ayu is located. There were many fans there tonight, actually more than I had expected. We waited for about 2 hours, before she appeared, but there were several who had been waiting for over 8 hours, feel sorry for them, because it was pretty cold. It was AWESOME.

She greeted us and took us in our hands, shocked at how cold we were ^^

It still seems pretty surreal ..... for a great day ^ ^

And yes, I will give her the book tomorrow night

Anyway, Full story of his trip you can go read in his personal blog directly

Credit: Maxker @ AHS
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