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Sunday, 31 January 2010

[Fanaccount+Photo+Video] Meeting Ayu At London 30.01.2010

Great Job, Ian!! for showing all of us these amazing pictures and videos!!!! YOU'RE THE LUCKIEST FAN IN THE WHOLE WOLRD!
OHHH so envious of You!!
wow Ayu's english is pretty good!!!


Ok... Like I said before... Long story kept short... As most of my reports are looong and.. mm boring haha... So anyways... it was a nice bright day... sunny day... but extremely cold too! I decided to not during the day buy oh how much I regretted that! I heard since there were soo little fans... People were able to take little group photos or individual photos with ayu!! (Jealous) but hey! Can’t complain haha... anyways.. Me and my friend went to Langham Hotel and got there about... 8:30... I guess that wasn’t that bad... since it’s Ayu’s last night in London I would of thought she might come home a little early.. But oh how I was wrong about that! Soo basically we saw only 11 fans at most tonight!! Was very surprising because last night when I posted we had like at least 25 fans waiting!.. Either way at 9:30 we got told by Ayu’s staff that Ayu will be eating dinner and she won’t be back for another 2 hours... Sooo we basically did a little scram and Cronopl, Hatix and many others went to a coffee shop and me and my friend just stayed in my friend’s car to keep warm haha...

Basically after like 2 hours has gone by we got out the car and met up with everybody again... 11pm... No sign of Ayu... 12am... no sign of Ayu... Ohhh it was getting sooooo cold!!! ... 1am... still no sign of Ayu...(Her staff sooo lied =(!!! lol) I was just so cold i couldn’t hold my phone properly haha.... Well basically after 30 more minutes Ayu’s car came! Everyone was near the side of the Hotel waiting for her to come out the car hehe... It was nice .. Banchou came out of the car first and then Ayu came out ^^... I really wish i took a photo with Banchou or even stan!! but i never got a chance to take ANY photos at all! =(... However i do have 3 Videos to show you guys.. they are all worth watching.. Please watch them! =)
In the end once everything was done... i think the most upsetting part was probaly the fact that i didnt get to take a photo with ayuuu =(!!!.... I mean i really wanted to get more group or individual photos!... But i guess.... Maybe next time... In the end she told us to "please keep warm" =) Very nic and shook alll of our hands with both of her hands! Gosh her hands her warm haha >.>

Day Time Photos

These photos i must give credit to Mandi Li she's the one who took these photos during the day time... but since she doesn't use this forum... I decided to upload them on behalf of her =)

Mandi Li is the one on the Far Left

19260_277356618379_512548379_351058.jpg (62 KB) 19260_277300963379_512548379_351022.jpg (56 KB) 19260_277995803379_512548379_351356.jpg (55 KB) 19260_277995808379_512548379_351356.jpg (55 KB) 19260_277995818379_512548379_351356.jpg (54 KB) 19260_277343688379_512548379_351053.jpg (58 KB) 19260_277324848379_512548379_351043.jpg (49 KB) 19260_277995778379_512548379_351356.jpg (52 KB) 19260_277343728379_512548379_351053.jpg (65 KB)

Night time

19260_277987448379_512548379_351346.jpg (37 KB) 19260_277987458379_512548379_351347.jpg (51 KB) 19260_277987463379_512548379_351347.jpg (53 KB)

Ian's Signed CD

16864_451402650433_795005433_110859.jpg (49 KB) 16864_451402635433_795005433_110859.jpg (43 KB) 16864_451402620433_795005433_110859.jpg (40 KB) 16864_451402630433_795005433_110859.jpg (30 KB)


Video 1 is where Ayu is coming out of the Car... Banchou came out first and stepped to the side

Video 2 was basically Ayu signing everything

Video 3 is where 3 French fans sang to Ayu... I think Cronopl sang a little too hahha! i did a little recording.. Near the end Ayu hugged the people that sang to her and she wanted to cry.. but she kept strong... Maybe she cried when she went into the Hotel hehe.. God Bless Ayu...

All pictures and videos are belong to Ianieee @ AHS
Credit: Mandy Li + Ianieee @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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