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Thursday, 28 January 2010

[Fan Project] A World Is One DVD Fan Project Full Detail Updated!

I keep my promise everyone! Another International Fan Project will be held by the International Forum of Ayumi Hamasaki, the so called "Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai", very soon!

So, by the success of the Fanbook titled "A World Is One" (Fanletters Fan Project) which has been received by Ayu herself yesterday night, London Time, one of the lucky fan, walking.proud (aka Laura) has thought of another idea to make the next Fan Project which is called "A World Is One" DVD. In Short, it will be a DVD filled with every fans who want to participate from all over the world to express themselves of how much they love Ayu! Since the details are still in a discuss, I'll make sure to update about it soon, once i get the full detail. Meanwhile, just stay tuned to either AHS Forum (if you're a member) or Ayu's Story for the latest info, Alright?

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and leave comments of what you think about it! 

Thank you!

Details are finally here!!


I want to make a DVD (more than one) with all international fans as we can and deliver it to Ayu or Ayu staff. Of course you can say what you want, but it has to be shorter than a letter, I think this is about to show our love to Ayu and show her that we are a lot and that we are all together.

Final date

Sorry guys, I GOT WRONG INFO! 
The Deadline has not yet confirmed, the below deadline is actually for the staffs to submit all the box, covers, menu, intro video animations done, so for the fans' clips deadline, there's still unlimited time, but it's still the best if you could submit it fast, let's say like August too maybe :)

DEADLINE: 31st August 2010

Seems like a good idea to have a deadline. At least for the DVD crew. Maybe we can set 31st of august as a deadline to have the animation, graphics and all this done?? At the same time we have to collect the clips and subtitling them. After the 31 of august we will keep collecting clips until we know we can give the DVD box to Ayu. (So until that day, the names on the booklet can't be done, nor the final credits cause we'll keep adding names ^^)


As there's no final date, I hope everyone will do something, and I know that there's a lot of people here who are in other forums. Please, advertise this project so that everyone will know about it. We are a lot.

Copy this text, talk about "A WORLD IS ONE" book and its success,s how Ayu's pic holding the book!! The fact that we were able to give 160 letter to Ayu will show people that it's posible to do this kind of things!!

What to do?

I read in the thread of the fanbook about doing a DVD, and someone also said that maybe people doesn't feel comfortable showing their face or talking... For the clip you can do anything you want: you can show your Ayu collection, show your town/city, your dog, a teddy bear... anything... you can record your voice, or show messages... or you can be in front of a camera and talk to Ayu!! Anything!!

How to do it?

* 1min 30sec max. clip (you can -and it would be more interesting- to speak in your language, you can show your face or not, your town/city, your ayu collection... what you want!)
* No matter what language are you using, you have to send the English text of what are you saying on the clip (even if you speak in English) together with the clip. You don't have to do the subtitles, there will be people doing it, that's why we need the text.
* There's no problem of how you record it, the DVD crew will convert them.
* Also, do not worry abou tthe subtitles, send the English text together with the clip, we will subtitle them ^^
* The clips have to be send to Hatix e-mail (see below) 
* the same as the book, don't say anything about AHS or other forums.

The Result

My idea is do a DVD for Asia, another one for Europe, N. America, S. America, Africa (I can't think of an AHS member from Africa but it's possible!!) and Oceania.

They will go all inside a box (like A COMPLETE), inside every CD case there will be a cover saying the continent and inside a booklet with the names of the fans in that DVD sorted by country. Every DVD will have a menu to choose between countries. And also inside the box there can be a letter talking about this project, like the first page in the A WORLD IS ONE book.


Is an ambitious project, I know, but we can do it if everyone helps, for example talk about it to other forums...

I started this project but I'll need help!!

If you want to help with it, say it here and I'll count you in!!

Also, people who will participate with the DVD (sending their clip) also say it here (and country) because I'll start a list.

This is a project and this is what I thought about it, I think it's ok, but if you have more ideas or suggestions, please say it!! 


As it seems you all like the idea, you can start advertising about it on your forum, website, blog, facebook, youtube... everywhere!!!

Send the clips to the e-mail: hatix001@gmail.com
Please include your details:
Email Address:
Clip: (Your Clip download link)
Subtitle: (Your Subtitle download link)

Facebook account: A World Is One

you can send a link for medaupload, mediafire, etc...


UPDATE 29/01

- Hatix will recieve the clips, will resize them, change the format, and put them together by country in a unique file??

- Work to do:

* The same introduction video for all the DVD, at the end of the intro there will be something (idea: DOME tour evolution glove opening adn showing the name of the continent) for the name of the continent. So only ONE persone have to do it... or we can accept clips and vote for the best???

* Animated menú for the DVD's (same for all or different depending on the continent??? only one person doing it or more??). In that menu Ayu will be able to select the countries.

* 3D Ayu (alterna88 working on it) this will go before the clips of one country (f.ex: 3DAyu "Here you have video messages from Germany!!" and clips start.

* Cover for the box and design for booklets and prologue-page (only one person doing it??) Also, Design for the DVD disc!!

* Subtitles (people doing it, we have to agree on doign the same type of text, size, colour, position... for all clips)

- for the booklets and cover there's no problem, I'll buy a booklet-type paper, and also for the DVD discs and print them! I'll record the DVD, but I hope people who knows about it will be able to put it all together (the intro before the menu, the 3D ayu before the clips of the respective country, etc..)


  1. OMG! this is such A great idea!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! these two proyects are awesome initiatives to show AYU what the WHOLE WORLD thinks about her beautiful music and herself!! FANTASTIC! just FANTASTIC!

  2. I wanna join the project!! I think this is a great idea and a great opportunity for all Ayu's fans to let her know how much she's important for us!
    Count me in!!

  3. I wanna join the project! This is a great opportunity for all of us!!
    Count me in!! :D

  4. yea i hope that everyone can talk about this here!

  5. yes i want to be part of it . could I? i would love that ayu know that i love her so much. i an from venezuela my name is edoard. . i also want to have friens who likes ayu.if you could help me . thaks.

  6. Me too! I want to join that project! I want to show to Ayu how much I admire and support Ayu! Hontou ni sugoi da ne!^_^
    -Anna Angelica dela Cruz of the Philippines

  7. woaaaaaaaaaaah!! I really need to join this :DDDDDDDDD this will be great! let Ayu knows that she is the best!

    .hana18 ;)

  8. great! i will definitely join the dvd project now! i m in the uk now!

  9. How to join this project?

  10. Thanks guys for give your comments for this global project and your willingness to join the project, well, as of now, I still can't give full details about this project, but soon I will give the detail on this post as well, so just be patient and wait ok?

    and, if possible guys, please don't be Anonymous ok? if you really serious of joining yourself, please show up yourself,

    thanks very much!
    I'll update as soon as possible! ^^

  11. can I send it to Hatix around March? because this february is my busy months :( March is the holidays :D

    -Hana18 :P I always keep on changing my name xD

  12. Count me in
    Ilaria Oliva, Italy

  13. Whos going give the DVD to Ayu? Are you guys sending the DVD to Japan?

  14. Gwen: since the deadline is still a half year, so you still have plenty of time to make your video perfectly :)
    no need to rush :)

    Midoriko: COOL! :D

    truelove2590: as who's going to give the DVD to Ayu, i guess that we'll be giving the answer after we confirm who's the person, we make sure that those DVDs will be given to Ayu :)

  15. My best friend and I are doing this. (: we see each other in July, so it'll be a bit of a late submission... ><

    you've got a clip (or two) from USA/North America! (:

  16. is all of the videos given to Ayu? and I really think that I should give them earlier =='

  17. HI, I'm going to send a video for sure!!! I'm from Hungary. I will teach her some Hungarian, and tell her how inspiring she is and thank her for working so hard

  18. I definitely want to join! Would we be able to send photos instead of videos? Like drawings and stuff...? I've never made a video before, but if I have to I will try. Please let me know.:)

  19. Ooooh! I am so doing this, I love Ayumi so much!! One question though where do we attach the subtitles? Do we add it under out name, age etc or do we create a Word document and put it on that?

    -Jennifer :)x

  20. Gwen: the video project has not yet given to Ayu and it's not going to be happened very soon

    Erin: since this is a video fan project, so we only can collect videos, sorry about that..
    you can make video with "Windows Media Maker", it's pretty easy

    Jennifer: make your subtitle on notepad, then upload your subtitle into any file hosting and just put like this:

    Please include your details:
    Email Address:
    Clip: (Your Clip download link)
    Subtitle: (Your Subtitle download link)

  21. That's ok thanks. I have a mac and I know I can make videos on it. I'll try to figure it out. But can they be pictures in videos? Kinda like a slide show rather than a video of me talking? Or maybe both...?

  22. Wow, this is amazing!!! If you need any help translating to/from Japanese, Spanish, French or English let me know! I can help :)

  23. omgg!! i soooooo wanna do this! can't waait!

  24. OMG! I'm so gonna join this!!!!!!!! Will we see, what's on the DVD's, when it's done?

  25. @Erin: I asked the same question and got it confirmed that Yes, we can make like slideshow =)

  26. I'm sooooooo joining (also the one in FB) and once my exams are done i could completely inspire myself to say whatever i want in a min n a half!!!
    so if u r keeping a record, i'll mention my info right here. thanx for all the effort tho ;]

    Dalia Hamzah [18]

  27. I only discovered this site and Ayu's Diary a few days ago and I'm SOOO excited about this! To have Ayumi watch me talking to her and expressing how much her music means to me and her knowing about me and how much I adore her is just AMAZING! ^_^ I'm getting a special message for Ayumi ready! SO EXCITED!!!

  28. ohayo every one ^^ well I hope that's not too late!!! I'm from Algeria and I told all my friends about the Ayu project^^ they loved it and we will all send our video so hope that is fine with you guys^^ thx for the wonderful blog in here you are the best^^

  29. Wow this is great ♡
    I'm from Australia and I would love to be part of this project
    Great idea!

  30. Wow! Sounds really fun! I wanna say hallo to Ayu too! ... Cause I loved her since I was 6 years... And I'm 15 now. =P
    Do I have to be a member of Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai to join this thing?

    Elina from Sweden ^0^

  31. This is a wonderful idea! I would like to say hello to Ayu =] don't matter if it's just for her tv xD just knowing that she's watching me is incredible!
    Jeilyn from: Central America. Costa Rica