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Saturday, 23 January 2010

[Fanaccount] Meeting Ayu At London + Pictures 22.01.2010

Here's the fanaccount from walking.proud @ AHS
Awesomeee So envy her and her friends!!!!!


^ oh yeah!

here my story (is the same but XD)

As I know you will want to hear the full story with detail, here you have it:

Me and my friend (Gi) Went at 8 to her Hotel, Langham. There we met cronopl and Ceresu with a french friend. We waited there a lot. We were in front of the hotel thinking Ayu was inside... Everytime we saw some japanese guy we shouted: say hello to Ayu! XDD

At 10pm Ceresu and the french friend left because we were like becoming ice cubes XDDD But Gi, cronopl and me waited there... and it was worth it...

At 10:50 a car arived and cronopl saw that the driver was the same he saw the first day on the studio, so he said: Ayu, Ayu is here!! I was like, no, no it can't be posible... XDD But yes...

First from the car, the camera men came out, then Stan and then Ayu. I can't find the words to describe that moment... how to say, Ayu was there! OMG!! she was stunning! without make up and still stunning!!! any make up seriously!! She was wearing a red hat, so cute!! Really the short hair suits her a lot and makes her look younger and so cute!!

Her face was like... like she didn't expected anyone there!! She came to us, and started signing our stuff (pics later). In my case, I gave her my You were/BALLAD single, and my TA member card. JAajaja she made this face: O.O "oh" XDD signed it, signed, Yw/b booklet and then opened the case of the single and expected me to say were she had to sign more XDD I only gave her the case so that she saw it, but finnaly she signed the CD too ^^

My friend tried to say that we came from spain only to see her, but she was too nervous XD I ended the sentence, and Ayu did another O.O "oh" And said something in Japanese to Stan that I couldn't hear...

Then cronopl asked for a pic together, and immediately stan/chan said: oh, no, today no pics, Ayu is too tired!

I was still amazed for what was happening that I hadn't time to get sad because I wanted a pic... but Ayu turned back to Stan and touch him, saying: it's ok. So she came, OMG, next to me!! I had Ayu next to me!!!! and Stan made two pics!!

after that, she turned to us and started touching our hands, holding them tight saying: "oh, so cold, you are so cold!"

Then we thank her to be there with us, and she entered the hotel...

Then, well, Gi and I started to cry... XD That moment was so... so surreal... it was amazing!!!

Ayu is so kind, I can't describe it with words... She was there for us, signed, make pics.. omg... so kind, so generous... it's so human... really you don't feel like.. Ayu=Diva, no,s he was like... anyone else! just that we were amazed by her presence!

it was incredible.. simply.. no way to say...

Then 2-3 more bans came with ALL her staff, ALL!! and we saw Banchou XDD and asked also a pic XDD she was too surprised that... really I think she didn't knew what to do XDD

And seeing it, we 3 came out with the idea that she sure was recording a PV... al her staff with her, she was so tired and arrived late...

so thats it!!

I-ll post pic now!!

dsc03484.jpg (1.6 MB) dsc03485.jpg (1.7 MB) dsc03481h.jpg (1.8 MB) dsc03486d.jpg (2.1 MB) dsc03492a.jpg (2.6 MB) dsc03493c.jpg (2.6 MB) dsc03494.jpg (2.6 MB) dsc03495.jpg (2.3 MB) dsc03497cj.jpg (1.9 MB) dsc03498g.jpg (2.0 MB)

Credit: walking.proud + cronopl + Ceresu @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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