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Saturday, 30 January 2010

[Fanaccount+Photo] Meeting Ayu At London 26.01.2010 - 29.10.2010

Here's another fanaccount by Tordek42 @ AHS.
So excited reading all their fanaccounts and reports, OMG!
How i wish i was there!


Right I just got back from London and I’m so hyper and amazed at what has happened that I can’t really remember what has happened over the week so bare with me!!

Tuesday 26.01.2010
I got to the hotel at about 5.00pm and there were 4 fans there. Only real thing worth talking about is that I saw Amy Winehouse enter the hotel and she looked at me, I gave her a look of disgust XD. More and more fans came until there were maybe 10 or so… Ayu finally arrived at 11.15pm, wearing sunglasses (all I can remember…). She was tired so we could get 1 item signed each and that was it, she held all our hands though as we were all really cold (her hands are so warm and soft ).

Wednesday 27.01.2010
This time I got to the hotel at about 7pm hoping I wouldn’t have to wait as long as the day before… how wrong was I!! Stan had told us that she would be at the hotel at about 9-10pm. 9-10pm went by and still no sign of her. Some people had to leave to get trains or tube, but the majority of us waited and waited. We kept ourselves entertained by listening to Ayu’s music (and doing the dance moves…) and walking around the tree nearby, I got a video of this and will upload it later. Finally at 3.30am she appeared wearing sunglasses again. She made up for the lateness though! She signed everything that we had, and posed for about 5 or 6 group photos, and once again held all our hands and wished us safe journeys and that we kept warm. After wishing her good night we all left and I got home at 6.00am

Friday 29.01.2010
After resting for Thursday I wanted to see Ayu in the morning as she left the hotel so I tried to get there fore about 11ish but after being delayed in Croydon I got there at 12.30 thinking I had missed her. She finally appeared at about 3.10pm (after I said that at 3.15pm I was gonna get McDonald’s, lucky me ^_^) The big shock this time was that was wearing sunglasses at all so we could see all her face!!! She signed everything and posed for photos, this time we were all allowed to take photos and we went insane taking photos and talking to her. After holding our hands again (still warm and soft)


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Credit: Tordek42 @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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  1. oh!!! ayuuuu i wanna go there!!!