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Sunday, 24 January 2010

[Ayu's Diary] 24.10.2010

24th January, 2010 6:29pm

Well well. About the recording, aside from the vocal booth being unusually cold (laugh), everything is proceeding according to plan~ ☆


Then, I realized that whenever I come here, there will be this commotion that will always follow me repeatedly when I travel between the hotel and recording studio.

There's no break to it...

I wanted to look at this cute little cosy shop near the studio, which I happened to pass by-!! When I said so, Stan decided to come too.

Reached~ ♪


However~, just at the moment from I stepped out of the car, the shopkeeper changed the shop's sign to Closed. What nice timing. (laugh)

Chon-san stood outside the glass window, looking in and wishing "Just open for a little while---------------------"...


What happend in the end, you can guess from this expression. (laugh) ☝


Such a disappointed look she had on~ (laugh)

Thinking about this, Stan and I soon made it into a joke and laughed so much.

Why was I so innocent? (laugh)


Isn't it!!

While recordings are still ongoing, we have decided to start on photoshoots here as well~!!!

After settling on that, everyone decided to go for dinner to celebrate the photoshoot team's arrival in London~ ☆


There were so many people, I don't remember everyone. (laugh)

However, even though there's so many staff sitting around in front of me~ ♡ I'm happy that everyone was able to gather like this ♡

Everyone was so noisy and in such high spirits, the atmosphere at the photoshoot the following day was high...

Everyone felt as one...

Please take care of me from tomorrow onwards~~~~~~~ ♡ Then, dismissal.


On the way back, because we passed by Big Ben, I got trigger-happy ☆


The next morning, photoshoots started~!!!!!!!

The cameraman was ND (Andy)~ ♪


Number of people who were too busy playing with Beatles dolls and forgot they were supposed to be filming: One. ☟


I went to various places and had a good time. Thus ended a quiet day of photoshoot~ ♡

Even though it was freezing cold, we took lots of good photos~ ♡

Then, let's head back to the hotel-


It got even colder as nighttime came, and after changing into something warmer, we went for dinner with the ayu staff.

Kanako-san was dressed warmly too. (laugh)


Wahh~ Cold~!!!!!!!


Here, from morning all the way till late night, in front of the studio and hotel, fans have been waiting all the time for me~ And while Chon-san worried over everyone ending up with a cold, she received beautiful smiles and messages ☆

This photo was taken in front of the hotel yesterday night~ ☆


Even though I've taken many many photos with lots of people, because I was in photshoot costume, I cannot upload them...

However, there will be many more chances, I will try to slowly upload more photos like this one, with friends of TA~!!!

Ah- My ice-cream is melting... (laugh)

Credit: Misa-chan @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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