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Sunday, 24 January 2010

[Fanaccount+Video] Meeting Ayu At London + Pictures + Video 23.01.2010

Here's the full-length fanaccount from our blog reader Ianiee also the member of AHS, Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! it's really so wonderful!!! wish to be there!!


23rd January 2010!!

Ok well... it was 7am for me when I finally got out the house... I’m actually about 30-40 minutes away from Ayu’s Hotel... So I figured it’ll be best to get to the place early =)... I met up with my friend and we both decided to go look for the hotel, wasn’t hard since my friend had a rough idea where it was. When we got to the entrance of the hotel, I manage to meet Walking.Proud and her friend GiGi. As well as a few people that were from France and then later came a few others, didn’t actually know where they were from but yeah haha... I manage to get along with everyone and me, my friend, Walking.proud (also known to be Laura!) and Gi were talking about when they got here and how long they been waiting for... It surprised me that they actually woke up and got to the Hotel at 6am and waited in the horrible cold. So we stood up, walked around, talked and sat down at times and having laughs about Ayu is most probably at the top laughing at her fans freezing in the cold haha...

A few hours later we saw many of her staffs came out... Probably about 3 black vans full of staffs, though I think all of them were preparing some sort of thing for Ayu later on PV? Photoshoot? Who knows... Everyone stood up and got a little excited, since so many staffs were there maybe Ayu will come out soon too... But after an hour wait we were all in the waiting mood again. Then apparently someone saw the staff’s came back... Most likely they finished they’re preparation and went back to the hotel for some lunch. This was around 11am at the time I’m guessing...

During this whole wait we had people asking us “who are you waiting for?” “Is there someone famous in there” We all replied and they just gave us one of those “ohhh” faces AKA don’t know but ok kind of reaction haha. We had many people giving us funny face expressions and maybe even some finger pointing. Nevertheless it didn’t really matter to us since they weren’t who we were looking for! haha

A few more people started to show up, it ended up from 8 people to around 15 of us all waiting... Someone suggested forming a line so it’ll be easy for Ayu when she comes out to sign our things. We saw Stan-san come in and out the building a few times and we figured any minute now... About 30 more minutes (12:30pm) we finally got to see who we’ve been waiting for =) for some... it was a 6 hours wait.. for others it was 3.. maybe 2 hours wait... but it does not matter, every second you spend after seeing Ayumi was worth it.

Ayu came out of the hotel and saw our line and went right into the middle of our line and was like “so what am I signing” lol it was kind of funny haha and also Stan-san mentioned no camera’s as well... Either way Everyone got at least 1 thing signed in their Ayu items, some burst out crying and some were just very shocked. I personally was very shocked, but I manage to keep myself cool as well haha. After I got my CD signed, I manage to get a hand shake with Ayu too... It was a very great experience and probably one of the best experiences ... I’ve never waited for so long just to get something signed. But I also had this thing going round my head that I am actually standing right next to Ayu and I’m actually able to get a handshake as well as an autograph for someone I’ve been idled for so long. I just got to always say to myself that I am one of the luckiest people to ever meet Ayumi Hamasaki, no matter how many times I say it... I know there are some that are fighting their obstacles to get to Ayu and didn’t work and I really hope that someday you’ll be able to meet Ayumi too...

She is no doubt one of the kindest and sweetest person ever, she came out of the hotel with such a natural smile and she was so kind to the people that stood in the cold, like when I read Walking.Proud’s report about Ayu holding her hand and saying “ohh your hands are cold” it must of meant a lot to her. Having said that, it’s so cute when Ayu is so small xD it’s soo kawaii haha... She looks totally different in person too. Make up or none, it’s just... Wow... those are my words.

Well thats my report...
And now for the photos =)

Fancam by Ianieee:

Credit: Ianieee @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
Take out with full credits!

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