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Sunday, 24 January 2010

[Fanaccount+Photo] Visiting Ayu's Mother's Hanabi Fanaccount + Pictures

One of the AHS members, mimika has just recently visited Japan and she went to Ayu's Mother's shop, "Hanabi" and here what she told us about how to go to the shop :)
Thanks for giving me permission to post it on my Ayu's Fanblog. 
Thanks a lot!


I just got back from Tokyo! It's such a wonderful place! I recommand everyone should go there at least once in their life

I went to ayu mom's shop! It's a flower/candle/chocolate store in Hiroo region of Tokyo...unfortunately I didn't see ayu's mom and of course didn't see ayu (which I expected because hey why would ayu and even her mom be at the store? they have staff working for them.....) the staff there spoke a little english and was very friend.. I bought a box of chocolate (4 pieces for 1300 yen, which is approx $13USD, quite pricy but it's all worth it!)... and I don't even wanna open it..haha..

Here are some pics of the store. The store name is Hanabi. You can see the sign 'Crea Hiroo' on the side of the store:

if you wanna go to ayu mom's store, take the tokyo metro hibiya line and get off at hiroo station....there is a map of the store on the store's website so it's pretty easy to find.
here is the map and official websitehttp://www.hanabi-a.jp/shop_info/index.html 

more pics of ayu store

I also went to karaoke to sing ayu songs! I went to the Big Echo at Shinjuku...just get off Shinjuku JR station west exit... Big Echo has a big red sign with, of course, says Big Echo.... if you sing in the afternoon the cost is 200yen per person per 1/2 hour (the cost in the evening doubles)...they have quite a few ayu songs but not all of them original PV...a lot of them are some random ugly videos...the lyrics all have hiragana so as long as you long the hiragana characters, don't worry about kanji you can sing!

Credit: mimika @ AHS
Shared by Ayu's Story
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